Travel and Trips

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  

St. Augustine of Hippo – 354AD

Robin and Chris have been fortunate to take some fabulous trips. We often ask how many trips of a lifetime one can have.  Until someone tells us the limit, we will keep going.

Chris’ parents were adventurous souls and saw to it that their children received a dose of their wanderlust. On Robin’s first trip overseas, after an all-night flight, we were on the bus from the Lisbon Portugal airport. It was hot and we were standing with our luggage on the crowded bus. She looked up at me and said “are we going to be able to do this again?”  She was already hooked.

These links will take you on some of the trips and adventures that we have been able to experience. Knowing that most people fall asleep during vacation slide shows, I originally tried to limit each to no more than 30 images. Considering that on a recent trip the two of us shot nearly 10,000 images, that was not easy. It did not work, but we hope you enjoy them anyway.